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Building for an aging nation

By Berit Griffin July 30, 2012

As our population ages, the question of how to house the elderly becomes a bigger issue. It can be ideal for older people to remain in their homes, but there are risks with that. On the other hand, going into assisted living or a nursing home often isn’t people’s fist choice. How can builders help with the solution?

In addition to remodeling homes to make them more appropriate to the aging, here’s a new idea: the “granny pod.” It’s a new addition to the world of modular homes, as companies such as Care Cottage and MEDCottage have designed these structures with the needs of the elderly in mind.

For instance, MEDCottage has “a floor-mounted camera that monitors up to 12 inches off the ground, safety lighting and a lift that can carry the resident to the bathroom. MEDCottage also features devices that can monitor vital signs and everything from blood pressure to glucose levels.”

Are these small modular homes something you’d recommend to your clients with aging parents? Or do they still prefer a “mother-in-law” apartment in the basement or over the garage?

Image courtesy of MEDCottage.