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Bring the textured look to your home without the commitment or cost

By John Kirchner March 20, 2013

There is something so alluring about walls featuring reclaimed wood, ornate masonry or even distressed paint. These textures can instantly add character and mystique, making a home feel centuries old — even if it was built just a few years ago. I’m sure most of us have seen these looks in magazines or online and thought, I want that!

If you’re savvy enough and you have a flexible budget, you can certainly source wood, brick and tile that’s actually been around for a while. But if you’re looking for an interior design refresh without the cost and long-term commitment, textured wallpaper might be the way to go.

Rachel Newcombe’s Fresh Design Blog on Houzz features several textured wallpaper options that appear nothing short of optical illusions. It’s hard to believe some of these designs aren’t the real thing.

Are you considering adding textured wallpaper to your home?