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'Boomerang buyers' a boon to housing market in years ahead

By Integrity Windows April 3, 2013

For decades, we have grown familiar with the basic categories of home buyers:

  • The first-timer
  • The upsizer
  • The empty-nester
  • The downsizer
  • The multi-generation family

In the years to come,  millions of homeowners who lost their homes during the recession through foreclosure or short sale will have restored their credit to the point where they again qualify for a home loan. This category, aptly named “the boomerang buyers,” is expected to impact home sales in a big way over the next several years.

Julie Schmit of the USA Today wrote,

Since 2007, more than 4.7 million homeowners are estimated to have lost homes to foreclosure or short sale. Seven in 10 will return to homeownership within eight years of their short sale or foreclosure, estimates John Burns Real Estate Consulting. With the start of the housing bust now six years past, this will be the first big year for returnees, accounting for 10% of home sales, up from 4% last year. They’ll stay at that level until starting to subside in 2016, about eight years after the height of the foreclosure crisis, Burns projects. His firm estimates the crop of boomerang buyers who lost homes in 2007 through 2012 will exceed 500,000 a year in 2013 through 2016.

How do you market to a group that is endured tumultuous, if not traumatic homeowner experiences in the past? Be extremely sensitive to those past experiences, listen, built trust and spend ample time addressing needs vs. wants.