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Best practices: Managing quality through prevention

By Integrity Windows April 13, 2012

Operations expert Scott Sedam has some can’t-miss advice for achieving quality by prevention over at In the final installment of a three-part series dedicated to quality management, Sedam serves up eight essentials no builder can ignore in the ultra-competitive marketplace.

Some of Sedam’s advice might seem like common sense, but it begs an important question: Are you doing everything you can to avoid long-term issues for your clients? The time (and money) wasted on home visits and repair projects years down the road can be detrimental to an efficiently run business.

Here are some highlights from Sedam’s eight essentials for achieving quality management through prevention include:

  • The Culture and Senior Management Commitment. Managers shouldn’t just encourage excellence – they should require it. (Sedam writes, “When the boss gives a continual, consistent message and backs it up daily, few employees fail to understand, and those who do not, well, they need to find a new home.”)
  • Matching Systems to Complexity. It’s hard to say ‘no’ to work in this climate, but taking on projects for which your operation isn’t prepared is begging for disaster. (Sedam writes, “Any time that complexity exceeds the capacity of a builder’s systems, quality problems result.”)
  • Exceptional Supplier/Trade Relationships. Sedam writes, “For the highest quality and profit, however, having the fewest possible number of qualified suppliers and trades is a great enabler.” In other words, build a strong, dependable network of service partners.

How do you best avoid long-term quality issues?