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Ask what your houseplants can do for you

By John Kirchner March 29, 2010

We write a lot about plants and gardening here at MLuxe, mostly thanks to the great contributions from regular guest writer P. Allen Smith. This morning, a piece from Elle Decor about hip houseplants caught our eye — and inspired us to pull together this collection of basic ways houseplants can jazz up a room or space easily.

Even the simplest plants can add a touch of liveliness, energy and style to a room:


When chosen carefully, and put in the right sort of pot, plants can complement the design of the room:

And of course, some nice flowers will add color — complementary, contrasting, subtle, bold…whatever the room needs — and fragrance:


Sometimes a simple plant can let a stylish pot bring the style:


If you want something that looks neat but is easy to maintain, try a jade:


To really push things into the realm of funky and interesting, bring in a cactus — believe it or not, your friends will actually hae trouble keeping their curious hands off!

[photo “Cactus on a dark surface” courtesy of Robert Nunnally via Flickr]