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Architect Sarah Susanka puts a unique twist on a home layout by putting the kitchen in the front of the home

By Marvin Windows August 15, 2013

We’ve written about architect Sarah Susanka’s Libertyville, Illinois, “Not So Big” Showhouse a couple of times, but after seeing a beautiful photo set from the home on, we wanted to spend a bit more time on one particular feature: the kitchen.

The kitchen, while lovely, isn’t obviously exceptional on its own. It’s the placement within the house that’s interesting. Sarah explains:

“The kitchen is visible from the entry area and circulation spine. A unique feature of the layout is the kitchen’s location at the front of the home, ideal for preparing a snack while watching for the kids to make their way home from school. Also, the front of the house receives the most sunlight so having the kitchen here gives this heavily used space a lot of natural light.”

That’s right. As you can see from the blueprints, the kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Sarah’s reasoning certainly makes sense; just make sure you keep up on washing the dishes!

Learn more about the project, and see more photos of this gorgeous home, at We particularly this unique Marvin window Sarah designed herself:

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