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A new tub-shower combo

By Berit Griffin, Marvin Windows May 24, 2011

While perusing the latest news on Apartment Therapy, we saw their beautiful slideshow of cool bathrooms. You should check it out! One picture in particular captivated us:

It’s a modern and chic take onthe bathroom, with what appears to be slate floors and walls, lots of natural light and a monochromatic look accentuated with pops of color.

But it’s the bath-shower that really draws attention. We love the curved showerhead that allows water to pour down like a waterfall and we especially love the sunken tub. It makes the bathroom look 10 times bigger. The eye barely registers that it is a tub-shower combination.

The one thing we wonder though: Is it safe? Without any (visible) handrails, could stepping down into the tub be more of a falling risk? What do you think? Is a sunken tub-shower combination a fresh new look for the bathroom?