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A look at the construction of a Silicon Valley Smart Home

By Berit Griffin September 29, 2011

Here’s a look at another beautiful house that features Integrity as its window brand of choice.

Sunset Magazine is featuring a Smart Home in Silicon Valley. Here’s a description from Sunset:

Everything about these homes is designed with “smart” in mind: from design and technology to energy efficiencies, location, and even furniture choices, we are creating two modern homes that provide exciting ideas for you to take away and make your own.

The Smart Homes will offer a little something for everyone. One home is designed with the young, on-the-go family in mind. We call them the Optimists. They are on the cutting-edge of all things high-tech. Technologies are blended seamlessly into their home (security, TV, music, temperature, lighting control, etc.) and all are operable from their mobile devices, anywhere, any time. It’s not the future, it’s now!

Next door to the Optimists, live the Explorers. These jet-setting tastemakers retired early so they’d have plenty of time to enjoy the finer things in life: specifically, travel and wine. Their home is filled with collections from their world journeys and is the place to be for weekend dinner parties and wine pairings. They use technology to monitor energy costs and safeguard their home while away, as well as enhancing the entertainment value (music, movies, slide shows of their travels) of their home.

Head on over to Sunset for a week-by-week look at building The Smart Homes–it’s a fun chance to look at decisions being made during building! And of course, we can’t leave you without a picture of the gorgeous Integrity windows–these must be a huge asset to the room’s overall look!