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Passive Building

Marvin Windows and Doors is pleased to announce that Marvin satisfies Passive House/Passive Building criteria and is leading the U.S. market in design solutions. Marvin’s innovative Passive window options bring the beauty of warm wood interiors and exceptional performance all backed by a name that is trusted in the industry.

In the U.S., there is growing momentum towards Passive Building construction and design principles. Passive Building requirements are stringent, and they are designed to keep the building or home comfortable using only minimized heating and cooling systems. To design a Passive Building requires certain building performance thresholds and inclusion of key design principles. At its core is a focus on insulation and energy conservation in both warm and cold climates. This standard, based upon a super-insulating, virtually air-tight building envelope, is heated primarily by passive solar gain and gains from occupants and appliances inside the envelope. In addition, clever design to optimize shading, limits cooling load during the warmer times of the year.

Marvin has been working with both domestic and world-wide Passive Building organizations and is in the process of certifying products to meet their standards. Because of the importance of passive solar heat gain and natural light, windows are a key consideration in Passive Building design, and certain window characteristics can be optimized to improve efficiency and minimize losses. Marvin’s custom manufacturing ability allows us to deliver fenestration solutions uniquely suited to specific climate zones and exposures.

Combining high performing windows and options with good design and house orientation helps optimize passive solar gains when needed and limit cooling loads.

We invite you to contact us at Marvin to learn more about how Marvin will lead the way in Passive Building window solutions that are Made in the USA. Our Signature Services team will explore options for you within our Ultimate Casement, Awning, and Direct Glaze product families. Each project will be looked at independently to arrive at the optimal glazing solution for your home’s orientation and climate, whether it is Tripane from Cardinal Insulated Glass or triple cavity glazing using Heat Mirror® suspended coated film from Eastman.

To learn more, read The New York Times article on The Passive House.

Marvin's Passive Window Options


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