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Tilt Turn

The Marvin Tilt Turn window is a European-style window with two distinct functions: swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. One handle controls both operations. The tilt turn is a great window for unique situations where you want additional ventilation or access. For example, in European designs it is often used as an alternative to a door for access to a Juliet balcony and it can work well in remodeling project where an egress option is needed.

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  • A popular European Style window
  • Dual-functioning: Swing like a door or tilt the top sash for ventilation using the same handle for both (or each) operation/s
  • Great for emergency exit access
This product is CE certified. Magnum only.

How It Works

  1. Turn the handle 90 degrees to open the sash like an inswing door
  2. Turn the handle 180 degrees and it locks the bottom sash into the frame, tilting the top in to allow air exchange


  • Standard Tilt Turn with Keyed Locks: A system of keyed locks allows stationary unit security along with inswing convenience
  • Simulated Double Hung: Tilt Turn function in a simulated double hung for a traditional look
  • Round Top Tilt Turn: The elegance of a Round Top paired with the operation of a Tilt Turn.

Standard Specifications

  • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
  • Bronze handle
  • Bare wood interior
  • Extruded aluminum clad exterior (clad units)
  • 2 13/32" (61 mm) and 4 9/16" jambs
  • DP40 performance rating

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