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Marvin Ultimate Double Hung

The all wood Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Window combines state-of-the-art window design with classic style. Advanced engineering and the high quality construction make our Ultimate Double Hung Windows incredibly durable, versatile and easy to use.

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  • Exclusive integrated tilt lever lock allows sash to be tilted in or removed for effortless cleaning
  • Configurations can include single hung windows or both sash stationary
  • Structural, certified factory mulls are available: Frame to Frame, 1" or 2" LVL, and 3/8" MRF<
  • Uneven sills or headers can be specified
  • A variety of options are available for historic projects including a selection of authentic or simulated divided lite patterns and profiles, uneven or uncommon lite patterns, checkrail units, and variable stile and rail widths to match existing profiles.
This product is CE certified.

How It Works

  • Two operating sashes that slide up and down.
  • Sashes can tilt in or be removed for effortless cleaning

Single Hung

  • Single Hung windows are built like double hung windows, but the top sash remains stationary.
  • Field application kit available

Triple Hung

Originally developed by Marvin Signature Services as a custom solution, this unique Marvin window is available by Special Order. See your Marvin dealer for more information on this specialty product.

  • Suited for specialty / historical applications, available from Marvin Signature Services.
  • More often used in large openings for historical replication.

Round Tops

Round Top 1: Standard Double Hung window with a half round elliptical transom

Round Top 2: Double Hung with true radius upper sash and frame. Both interior and exterior have radius top.

Round Top 3: Standard Double Hung window on the interior with arched exterior casing.

Round Top 4: Double Hung window with eyebrow radius upper sash and frame. Both interior and exterior have a radius top.

Round Top 5: Standard Double Hung with a rectangular sash and radius glass designed to have a round top appearance.

Round Top 6: Standard Double Hung with a round top appearance from the exterior thanks to curved exterior components. Interior has a standard frame with rectangular sash and radius glass.

Round Top 1

Round Top 1

Round Top 2

Round Top 2

Round Top 3

Round Top 3

Round Top 4

Round Top 4

Round Top 5

Round Top 5

Round Top 6

Round Top 6

Standard Specifications

  • One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass
  • Satin Taupe sash lock
  • Bare wood interior
  • All-wood exterior
  • 4 9/16" jambs
  • 8° sill bevel
  • All-wood brick mould casing
  • DP40 performance rating

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Energy Information Finder

This tool provides some of the most common options on windows and doors and related NFRC values. For more information about the energy efficiency of specific products and options, please contact your local Marvin sales representative.

See Energy Efficient Windows and Doors for further information on this topic.

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