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Work More Effectively With Your Architect


We’ve come across a really great architecture blog, full of useful tips for more effectively working with your architect.

We first noticed a post by California architect Dylan Chappell on (one of our favorite sites), discussing how to work remotely with your architect. It’s got some great tips on using technology to effectively communicate throughout the course of a project.

Intrigued, we checked up on Mr. Chappell a bit more and discovered that he’s quite a prolific blogger. His blog is active and varied, covering topics ranging from space-saving furniture to saving time and money during permitting. It’s really a wonderful resource for anyone considering an architectural project.

Best wishes to Dylan Chappell — we’re always happy to see a professional so generously sharing their knowledge. And by the way — here’s one more resource on working with architects, this one from the American Institute of Architects.

Photo courtesy of AIA.