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Wind turbine

Winds of Change Boost Popularity of Residential Wind Turbines


Each year, BUILDER magazine — the leading publication in the homebuilding industry — publishes a list of Top 50 products. The list is compiled from actual reader responses, meaning it’s a reflection of real consumer and professional interest, not the selections of a group of editors.

This year, something remarkable happened: the top five products on the list were wind turbines, like the Bergey Excel pictured above. Homeowners and builders are clearly looking long and hard at a wide range of sustainable building products and practices. A decade ago, you wouldn’t have seen such interest in a rather extraordinary, big-ticket item (many of these turbines cost $10,000 – $70,000). But home wind turbines are coming into the mainstream.

Of course, there are many other ways to create a more efficient, sustainable home. Modern, efficient wood windows save energy, improve comfort and last longer than inferior products. Marvin offers more products that have earned ENERGY STAR’s “Most Efficient” designation than any other wood-window manufacturer. New appliances can really make a difference in your home’s efficiency, and relatively simple things like insulation and weatherstripping return benefits that far outweigh the effort you’ll put into them.

But we’ll be keeping an eye on rooftops in the coming years to see whether turbines are making their mark on the skyline.

Photo courtesy Bergey WindPower.