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Windows and energy efficiency: A primer from a top home-improvement blogger


“For years I thought windows were windows. When it was too warm we’d draw the shades and if it was too cold we’d make sure the windows were closed tight. But today’s windows are available with glass and coatings that can drastically alter the temperature in your home, thereby lowering your energy bill.

After touring the Marvin Windows factory last month we saw how each window was made-to-order and that also included the type of glass and coating that each window received. They actually offer more than 150,000 energy-efficient window and door options!”

–Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson

Charles & Hudson is one of the Web’s top home-improvement blogs, the its founder Timothy Dahl has written a detailed article on the many features, options and other factors that affect the performance of your windows. Which options or features make the most sense for you depend on things like your location and climate, your budget and the priorities for your construction or remodeling project.

Some of the performance options at your disposal are:

  • Two or three panes: Marvin offers thousands of window and door options with two or three panes of glass. Dual-pane products with appropriate glazing options are versatile, beautiful and energy efficient — and the tripane products take performance to the next level.
  • Insulating glass coatings: Extremely thin coatings of special metallic material applied to glass panes used in windows and doors boosts their energy efficiency. Coating a glass surface and gaps between each pane with this material can block a significant amount of heat transfer, reducing your home’s need for energy-consuming climate control systems.
  • Insulating gases: Inert gases — argon or krypton — pumped into the spaces between panes of glass slow the transfer of heat, increasing the insulating power of a window or door.

That’s far from all. Check the Charles & Hudson article for a great overview, and visit our Energy Efficiency section for more detail.