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Window Safety Week

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This week is Window Safety Week. It’s a pretty important topic, and one near to our hearts. Our friends at the National Safety Council (NSC) have some great tips for safety around windows, and we wanted to share a few of them. Here are some especially important ones. Please make sure to read the rest–they may help keep you safe.

1. Practice, practice, practice. In an emergency you want to know how to escape quickly and safely.
2. Make sure to keep a close eye on children and pets around windows.
3. Close and lock your windows if you’re not around.

The NSC has some wonderful resources, including a children’s activity book.

Marvin, Integrity and Infinity offer a Window Control Opening Device on a variety of windows. Our Window Opening Control Devices meet the ASTM F2090-10 standard, a code created to assist in the prevention of window falls in children under five years old. To meet the standard, our devices limit the window’s net clear opening to 4” or less when the sash is opened and have a release function allowing the window to fully open. In order to meet the safety standard, WOCD disengagement takes two independent actions upon re-opening which helps prevent accidental release. Devices will then automatically reengage once the window is closed and again limit the window opening to 4”.

We take window safety seriously–we hope you do, too!