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Which state has the most expensive dream home?

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For most of us, a home will be the most expensive thing we ever buy. And someone among us has to own the most expensive one, right? Business Insider profiled the most expensive homes for sale across the country. Take a look at the article and figure out which is the highest-priced home in your state. Here are a few we think are noteworthy.

North Dakota’s most expensive home is the least expensive among the 50 states.


This Maine manse can be all yours of $10.6 million — comes with a lakeshore too!


Like horses? This fortress-like Kentucky home comes with your very own thoroughbred farm!


The aerial view really shows off the amount of land you get with this$47.5 million Massachusetts seaside home.

If money weren’t an object, would you choose the highest-priced home in your state? Or are there others you like better?

Images via Business Insider