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Where innovation and entrepreneurship lead

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We told you a little more about our history of entrepreneurship and innovation yesterday. It is the engine that drives our company, but how about a few examples?

Making our products in a remote, rural area has had its share of challenges over the years. But we like to think it’s made us all the more entrepreneurial. When we’ve wanted to do something, we are forced to do it ourselves. And this leads to innovation: recognizing the uses for a material named Ultrex back in the 90s, being the first to use a company fleet to deliver our windows and doors and being the first to have our entire product line certified by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association.

Two of our more recent innovations are the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung and integrated interior shades.

The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung uses an innovative hardware system, which elegantly combines the traditional double hung look with intuitive operation, modern convenience and added peace of mind.  All aspects of the window’s operation are controlled with a single piece of hardware. This revolutionary hardware system allows users of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung to effortlessly and intuitively perform a variety of functions:

  • Locking and unlocking
  • Venting
  • Washing

And unlike many double hungs on the market, the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is all wood on the interior, giving it a more traditionally beautiful look.

Integrated interior shades have the versatility of opening from either the top or the bottom; the precision of virtually complete light control; and the beauty of sleek lines and fully concealed cords. They come in light-filtering or blackout shades and, unlike between the glass shades, don’t affect what type of glass you can choose to get.

So how do these innovative products get made? It goes back to our entrepreneurial spirit. Marvin is able to see what our customers need, thanks to research both in the field and in the office. And then we create. Our R&D, production and engineering teams use their entrepreneurial attitudes to think outside the box and ask, “What can we do?” not “Why can’t we?”

The seeds of these two products, and may others both past and future, were sown a century ago by men who wanted to be entrepreneurs and knew that the best way to continual profitability and community growth was by making the best quality and most innovative products. This National Entrepreneurship Week, we are thrilled to celebrate that legacy that endures.