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What's the deal with windows in hurricane zones?

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The southern part of Florida is known for some of the fiercest storms and hurricanes in the country. So it’s no surprise that southern Florida trade pros are top-notch experts on building safe and sustainable homes located in hurricane zones. Because its never to soon to prepare, we tapped Jose Vela of Window Classics (a Marvin dealer), to share some of his knowledge. When it comes to tropical storms, you want to be safe–so take them seriously and follow your local building codes–StormPlus products from Marvin can help you out there. Here’s what Jose had to say.

Q: Can you explain why it’s so important to have windows and door rated for hurricane protection? In other words, what happens if you don’t have those windows?
A: Using windows and doors rated for use in a hurricane area means the convenience of not having to install cumbersome shutters. Its impact-resistant glass can also protect you from break ins, so it’s overall security through the whole house. When it comes to tropical storms, not having hurricane rated windows is not an option in our area. If you do not want you roof to blow off in the middle of a hurricane, you need to use the right windows and doors that are made to stand up to these extreme conditions; there are consequences to not using them.

Q: South Florida is home of some of the strictest building codes. Why is that?
A: South Florida is flat, so hurricane winds spread across a wide area. Impact windows and doors or shutters are mandatory. This is due to the damage that was done by Hurricane Andrew and the cost of the damage. [Editor’s note: Hurricane Andrew made landfall in Florida in 1992. It caused a great deal of damage and was one of the most expensive storms to date in the US.] We normally don’t leave the area since we have time to prepare. Our houses are built to the strictest codes, so they will stand up to a hurricane with no problem.

Q: Do you have any stories to share about how homes with Marvin StormPlus products have stood up in storms?
A: Marvin’s products perform like a champ!

Q: Do you have any tips for people looking for a coastal home?
Yes, buy a home that is built to the latest code, and use Marvin Windows and Doors.

If you’re a Floridian looking for storm protection, see how Window Classics can help you out. Thanks for answering our questions Jose!