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What to consider when shopping for fire pits


Now that the fire pit has become a standard for backyard recreation, consumers are benefiting from a burgeoning range of choices. When it comes to entertaining guests, nothing beats the warm glow of a fire on a cool summer night. The question is which fire pit is right for your home?

Homeowners can settle for a simple portable fire pit that wheels away when the winter months come, or turn it into a full-on landscaping project. Either way, when done right, a fire pit creates a perfect centerpiece for your backyard.

Here are some fire pit concepts that will leave you reaching for the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers:

I love the woodpile and storage system. This is a great layout for sprucing up a corner space. The stone benches are a great touch, too, but be considerate of the distance from the fire. The nice thing about non-stationary seating is you can move forward and back as necessary. If you’ve got a large backyard to fill, consider an isolated fire pit area away from the home.

Gas fire pits generally allow for more unique design options. Another upside is avoiding the mess of firewood altogether. This design, with its simple, clean lines, works well with an understated back porch. Gas fire pits are generally easier to contain, so go gas if you’ve got awnings and trees to consider.

The range of options may seem overwhelming, but a fire pit is more than just an accessory – it’s an opportunity.

A fire pit area looks best when it appears to be a natural extension of the house. If you’re already considering a landscaping project, a fire pit can help shape the design and create an inviting common space. Just be sure to provide ample space around the fire for passersby.

Photos courtesy of Eichler Homes, Patio Planet, and Ask the Landscape Guy