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What makes an ugly house ugly?

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Over at Forbes, they recently had a slideshow of the ugliest mansions in the country. While none of these are going to win something like the Architect’s Challenge, it got us thinking: what makes a house ugly? A mansion like this might not be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen, but we doubt you’d gouge your eyes out over it.

If you describe a house as ugly, presuming it’s in good condition and not falling apart, there’s usually something specific about it that’s bothersome (and we’re kind of intrigued by the Spaceship House). Here are some things we can think of:

  • Is it just too big? We all like our space, but there can be something a bit gauche about a mega mansion.
  • Is it built with a good sense of scale? Sometimes houses just look…funny.
  • Does it attempt to cram in every possible architectural style? Has anyone ever really loved a Tuscan villa-French farmhouse-Southwest-Colonial house?
  • Does it have soul? Good architects, designers and builders want your house to be interesting instead of a big, bland shell.

What’s the ugliest house you’ve ever seen?

Image courtesy of Forbes.