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Welcome aboard this Boeing 727

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People have diverse interests, and for those who love planes, beaches and tropical vacations there is a place for you: The Fuselage Home in Costa Rica. It’s made out of an old Boeing 727 (they have added some terraces on to the exterior, and there is even a deck on the right wing).

As cool as the outside looks, it’s inside that the real luxury begins. All the old seats have been removed and teak has been put on the ceilings and walls for a tropical look.  The bathrooms have also been upgraded from the typical airplane lavatory. When you want to sleep, stretch out in one of the two bedrooms–no more trying to recline your seat to get some shuteye!

The Fuselage Home is in the jungle with a view of the nearby beach. And if you have always wondered about what a cockpit looks like, well that’s still intact in the Fuselage Home. Oh, and did we mention that this unique house is for rent? You can sleep in a plane in the trees if you want! Think of all the travel stories this plane could tell if it talked. We’re glad it got a lovely final resting place and a second life.


Images courtesy of Costa Verde