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Chatham Gambrel 10

Waterfront Delights

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In this year’s Architects Challenge, we had several winners who were our Honorable Mentions. These were all beautiful projects that we wanted to recognize, but might not have fit into any of our winner categories. And three of these homes are on the water! We love a good waterfront home and these three homes from around the country exemplify traditional, beautiful architectural styles. And they also have some amazing views!

The Madeline Island Retreat, on Madeline Island in Wisconsin, was designed by Christine Albertsson of Albertsson Hansen. The design of this seasonal retreat was inspired by the homeowner’s childhood memories of summers spent on the Maine coast. Bringing this narrative forward, the project combines contemporary efficiency with the feeling of a rustic summer cottage. Marvin windows and doors were smoothly integrated into the precise details of the exterior envelope, enhancing the warm, wood quality of a classic American cottage. The way in which these products became a part of the overall architectural expression rather than standing out as an inserted product was a testament to the flexibility that Marvin can offer.

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Madeline Island Retreat 9

Timeless in its appeal, this new construction, turn-of-the-century-style home in Cape Cod, Mass. offers modern living amenities with an open floor plan, a rooftop walkway, and several custom touches that take advantage of the spectacular coastal views. The design was intended to appear as though the house had been added onto over time. Marvin assisted in achieving the final look by providing several custom windows and doors, including a unique eyebrow-shaped window on the rooftop above the entryway. These unique windows not only add to the home’s 1920s appearance, they also provide necessary protection to withstand the harsh coastal weather conditions. “Chatham Gambrel”‘s architect was Patrick Ahearn of Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC.

Chatham Gambrel 1

Chatham Gambrel 2

Chatham Gambrel 3

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Chatham Gambrel 5

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Chatham Gambrel 9

Paul Matheny’s (Matheny Goldmon Architecture + Interiors) Great Camp Lake Retreat in Alabama features natural materials and construction methods characteristic of a late 19th-century Adirondack camp. The 5,000-square-foot home has large living spaces, a game room, a gourmet kitchen, four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and numerous patios and porches for outdoor relaxation. The Adirondack camp style drove the design from the beginning, and the resulting home utilized stone masonry, white cedar logs, and birch bark veneers to achieve the desired rustic character. Large fixed clad casement windows from Marvin provide expansive views of Guntersville Lake, while crank-out casements with removable screens bring in the lake breeze. On the interior, Marvin wood trim blends seamlessly with the array of wood species and finishes used throughout.

Great Camp Lake Retreat 1

Great Camp Lake Retreat 2

Great Camp Lake Retreat 3

Great Camp Lake Retreat 4

Great Camp Lake Retreat 5

Great Camp Lake Retreat 6

Great Camp Lake Retreat 7

Great Camp Lake Retreat 8

Great Camp Lake Retreat 9

Great Camp Lake Retreat 10