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Want your home to be the envy of the neighborhood? Focus on these key areas


Any realtor will tell you it’s wise to purchase the worst home on the best block, but who wants to live in the neighborhood eyesore?

For those who prefer their home be the envy of the neighborhood — that’s most of us, right? — Margaret at the Calfinder Remodeling Blog whipped together a list of eight focus areas sure to make the neighbors jealous.

This isn’t just about vanity. There’s a practical element to owning the home everyone wants. As you’ll see, focusing on the right areas around the house will not only boost your home’s profile in the short-term, but it can provide a major advantage if and when you decide to sell.

Here’s a few focal points included on Margaret’s list:

Attractive Siding
Fresh, tasteful siding make can make a huge impression. While a home may be beautiful on the inside, worn, dingy siding on the outside suggests the home has fallen out of repair.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Air
Nothing can date a home quite like an old furnace or air conditioner. Central heating and cooling isn’t enough, either. If you live in an older home, installation of energy-efficient heating and air will cut decades of your home’s age. Outdated systems are one of the biggest drawbacks to owning an older home.

Great Flooring
Ditch the matted carpet and laminate flooring. Think tile, cork or concrete. Quality flooring will assist in sound reduction and improve heat retention. If you want to take things a step further and you live in a colder climate, consider heated floors in bathrooms or the basement.

To see the rest of Margaret’s list, check out Calfinder.

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