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Waking Up to a Green Day

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The food we prepare and eat leaves us with certain scraps that we don’t know what to do with. Yes, making coffee and fresh orange juice is tasty and healthy, but what do you do with the leftovers? Re-Nest tackles some issues that kitchen gourmands may wonder about…

According to their experts, when you are done with juicing your own fruits and vegetables, there may be lots of pulp left over. As easy as it is to scrape it into the trash, there are a few alternatives: mix it into pancakes or breads, use it as a base for a sauce or, if you truly can’t do anything with it, compost it.

For disposing of coffee grounds, you have even more choices. If you’ll be hitting the shower after your morning coffee, mix your coffee grounds with soap for an exhilarating exfoliator. You can also use the grounds to scrub your hands to get rid of food odors. And if there are unpleasant odors in your fridge or car, or on your pet, those leftover coffee grounds will do the trick.

Now that you’ve properly disposed of your morning coffee and OJ, there’s always the matter of the newspaper. Recycling  it might be your usual earth-friendly course, but if you are a crafty knitter, consider making yarn from it when you’re through reading.

Good morning and wake up to a green day!

Image courtesy of How can I recycle this on Flickr.