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View from the curb

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Curb appeal: if you’ve ever decided to sell your house, you’ve probably heard a realtor or two use the term. It may be a bit overused, but the fact remains that making sure your home looks great when potential buyers pull up helps sell. And even if you’re not selling, taking some time to add to your home’s curb appeal makes for a more beautiful neighborhood. And who doesn’t want that?

To add curb appeal, you can do things like:

  • Replace your windows–for good looks and improved efficiency inside and out
  • Paint your house–chipping paint never looks good
  • Repair your walkway–cracked pavement is unsighlty and loose bricks are hazardous
  • Do some gardening–some tulips planted near the front or some boxes of flowers can brighten up the front
  • Mow the lawn–a neatly trimmed, green lawn has a LOT of curb appeal

Even small changes can make a big difference! Let’s take a look at some homes that have curb appeal:

Curb appeal doesn’t have to mean fussy. The gravel and lawn are simple, but they complement this house’s contemporary exterior.


Use your location! This home’s use of palm trees near the front is a great visual homage to its Florida location. Bonus points for the cutaways on either side of the door to display statues.


Flowers add a bright pop of color to an otherwise neutral exterior.


Never underestimate the power of windows to add to your home’s curb appeal!

What sorts of things have you done to enhance curb appeal at your house?