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Unusual Hotels

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It’s March, and many people are getting out of town, either due to cabin fever or spring break. If you’re not lucky enough to be staying with a friend or family member, you’ll probably be in a hotel. Bing has a slideshow of some very interesting and unusual hotels. Here are a couple of MLuxe’s favorites. Next time you travel, consider checking one of these out, or staying at a fun hotel in your chosen destination.

This California motel ingeniously recycles old cabooses for rooms. It’s perfect for railroad buffs or anyone who wants to relive the golden age of American railroads.

The Jumbo Hostel isn’t named because of its large room sizes…it’s housed in a re-purposed jumbo jet next to the Stockholm airport. Some travelers might not want to set foot in a plane until they need to go up in the air, but for those who want a little novelty, this hotel might be just the ticket.

If you’ve made it all the way to far-off Mongolia, why not stay in traditional housing? The Three Camel Lodge features yurts, for a truly authentic experience. Plus, you can smooth your hands with camel’s-milk lotion while there!

Happy travels!