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Two NEW Finishes

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What’s bright, beautiful and brand new? Marvin’s new pearlescent finishes!

The two new additions to the color portfolio — Bright Silver and Copper — satisfy a more modern aesthetic and can contribute to a stunning exterior look without compromising performance. These pearlescent colors incorporate mica and offer similar aesthetics to anodized aluminum — meaning that while they might have the appearance of metal, they offer enhanced performance attributes.  Marvin uses aluminum cladding that meets the highest AAMA 2605 standard on all our clad products. An extruded aluminum substrate with an extremely tough surface coating results in significantly superior surfaces on all of Marvin products’ major clad components – frame, sash, casing and divided lites.  This standard requires a 1.2 mil. finish coating, which Marvin applies over extruded aluminum (about as thick as a quarter), as opposed to roll-form aluminum, whose thickness is that of a soda can. Marvin’s AAMA 2605 certification offers a 20-year warranty against chalking.

So what does that mean beyond all the technical details? These new pearlescent color options have the same great quality that all of Marvin’s cladding has. Period. Interested in seeing them in person? Visit your Marvin dealer today!