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Turkeys and windows

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The Marvin factory in Warroad, Minn., generates truckloads of wood shavings every day. No surprise there, but here’s the fun part: Most of those shavings go to turkeys.

Shavings from Marvin’s wood processing operations are sold to turkey farmers because they’re dry, fluffy and perfect for turkey bedding. White and ponderosa pines in particular perform very well in the barns. One truckload of shavings can successfully bed 8,000 turkeys, from little poults to full-grown. Once the shavings are no longer useful as bedding they are incorporated into farm fields, where they provide an excellent source of nutrients for the soil. Putting wood shavings to good use is just one example of Marvin’s sustainable business practices, for the environment and our communities. We also burn waste sawdust and wood scraps to heat our plant, but many of our sustainability practices are far more complex and wide-ranging.

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