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Tubeless toilet paper: More "green" than you'd think

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It’s the little things that count, right? To make the world a better, greener place, we can recycle, take shorter showers and drive less. There are a lot of things manufacturers can do to make sure we have products that make things a little more environmentally friendly (e.g., selling recyclable goods, low-flow showerheads and non-gas guzzlers). But here’s a good, green and simple idea: tube free TP.

Yep, toilet paper without the cardboard tube in the middle. You can still use it in your regular toilet paper holder, but the slightly useless tube isn’t there.

Think it doesn’t make a difference? According to Treehugger, those tubes add up to 160 MILLION pounds of trash per year. Imagine the difference it could make if toilet paper tubes went the way of the dodo!

Image courtesy of elycefeliz on Flickr.