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Travel: Where would MLuxe go? (domestic edition)

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It’s Spring Break time, and we’re all feeling a sense of cabin fever. We hope you have a vacation planned, but if you don’t and are looking for some ideas, or just want to day dream, here are some of MLuxe’s favorite spots in the U.S. We’ll cover international places next week. Where would you choose to go?

Sea Island, Georgia
The right blend of Southern gentility, golf and the beach. Perfect for a quiet family vacation.

Image courtesy of Sea Island Company

Yellowstone National Park
If you’re looking for a more active vacation, consider Yellowstone. Its mountains, valleys, thermal springs and other geographic features are like nothing else. Seeing Old Faithful erupt is part of the classic Western experience.

Image courtesy of Tim Pearce, Los Gatos on Flickr

Las Vegas
Where else can you take a spin with Lady Luck, enjoy a top-notch sushi dinner in the middle of the desert, catch a show, and get married (we kid) all in one night? Viva Las Vegas! Plan on spending the next day relaxing by the pool at your hotel — you’ll need it with the frenetic energy Vegas has to offer.

Image courtesy of mkoukoullis on Flickr

Take in all the historical sights and enjoy this cosmopolitan city. Culture and fun? Yes please.

Image courtesy of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau