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Transforming home: Single house changes to eight different configurations

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Why have just one house when you can have, say, eight? Eight houses in eight different locations could be a bit of a budget-buster, but two architects have built a single house that can be changed to eight different configurations.

How is that possible? With math of course! The house’s cool shape-shifting comes from the work of Henry Ernest Dudeney, who “invented a way to cut an equilateral triangle into four pieces that could be rearranged into a square, a conundrum he dubbed the ‘Haberdasher’s Puzzle.’ ”

The D*Dynamic house uses the principles of the Haberdasher’s Puzzle to move the structure into configurations to take advantage of all the seasons. The house can literally turn inside out to that internal and external walls are flipped.

It’s a cool modern design with lots of glass, so we’re guessing that the D*Dynamic house would be a very cool place to live. Plus, you’d feel like you regularly had a new place to call home!

To learn more about this house and see a video and a graphic of the Haberdasher’s Puzzle, visit the Daily Mail’s story.

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail.