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Tiny space: A live-work loft

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If you want a real live-work space, this module might be just the ticket for you! It’s two levels of efficiency where you can work, sleep and meditate when the work gets to be too much! And it’s designed around the principles of feng shui.

According to Treehugger:

Specializing in feng shui and Bau Biologie, Spaceflavor’s “Cube” was created for Liu Ming, a well-known local master of feng shui who gives classes in his home, in order to provide an extra, integrated live-work space within his 1,100 square foot loft in Oakland, California.

Want to learn more about this almost-all-in-one unit? Visit Spaceflavor to learn more.

What do you think about this? Great new  innovation or just too small?

Image courtesy of Treehugger.