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Tiny houses: Only 12 feet wide!

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This D.C.-area house is wittily described by Yahoo as having ” the proportions of a supermodel, all height and little width.” As a matter of fact this super-skinny house is only 12 feet wide on a 423 square foot lot!

But far from being uncomfortable and cramped, the house makes the best of its situation and has three floors and 1300 square feet to lounge and live in. How do they do it? Well, it’s all about space-saving tricks and customization.

For instance, there’s a movie screen in the living room. White and bright, it helps keep the small space lively in a way a flat screen TV wouldn’t.  Doors slide instead of swing to save space. There is even a plan for a rooftop deck at a later date.

Please visit Yahoo to get the full house tour. It definitely proves that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to houses. What do you think?

Images courtesy of Yahoo.