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Tiny house: Connecting spaces

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It truly is amazing how vision and ingenuity can lead to some very unusual houses. In very tiny configurations.

Over in Warsaw, one architect saw a space between two buildings–not a space most of us would have thought of for a house. After all, it was only fit for walking between the two buildings…right? But Jacub Szczesny decided that it would be the first space for a very narrow house. This is the result:

According to the New York Times, the house is only four feet at the widest. Yet it has all the home amenities one needs. However, “By Polish law, Keret House is too small to be a residence. It has been classified as an art installation, to be owned and administered by the Foundation of Polish Art. Mr. Szczesny and Mr. Keret [an Israeli author whose writings inspired this project] plan to select artists for residencies of five to seven days.”

This little steel house might be narrow, but the inspirations behind it certainly aren’t. For more information and pictures, check out the New York Times’s article.

Image courtesy of the New York Times.