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Tiny apartment: Could you make the bathroom work?

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Another entry for our tiny homes series. Check out this cool apartment from Treehugger. It measure up at a whopping 200 square feet and manages to combine all the necessities for living in a sleek, modern space.

According to the architects, MYCC Studio:

“This singular urban shelter is just twenty square meters and nevertheless is one hundred cubic meters of volume. In such an enclosed space should a single person live and work. He will use his creativity and dynamism to make it his own sweet home. A longitudinal section defines the project. The space highness has been used to accommodate several pieces, which are limited in volume but at the same time all are visually connected to each other. Even the bathroom is within sight… The necessity to hold the programmed uses, each of them with specific characteristics and size, leads to an image which looks like those old computers platform games. The idea of light and simple floors where could be possible even easily jump from one to another was always in mind from the very first sketches.”

It’s a beautiful project, designed to get the maximum function out of every square foot. There’s just one thing we are a little unsure about: the bathroom:

As you can see, it’s not a separate room of the apartment. There aren’t any walls. That could get a little uncomfortable if you have guests over (they can wave to you from the toilet) and that bath does look a little cramped. Still, other than that, a great use of space!

Images courtesy of Treehugger.