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Tin is in when it comes to backsplashes


The great thing about adding a backsplash is you can do it yourself in a single weekend afternoon and virtually transform your entire kitchen. Even better — backsplashes are extremely affordable. Few interior design projects offer more bang for the buck.

One really great kitchen trend we’re observing in the kitchen right now is the emergence of tin, which comes in hammered or pressed patterns. While tile has become a mainstay over the past several years, with all the grouting and cutting involved, putting up a tile backsplash can be a real pain. Tin, however, comes in sheets that are easily cut and hung with tacks or adhesive.

And the look? It doesn’t get more classic. If your kitchen features stainless steel appliances, you should consider a tin backsplash. The vintage look is extremely durable, easy to clean and contrasts nicely with most modern faucets and sinks.