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Three Most Common Mistakes When Choosing Windows


Choosing new windows for your home can be a confusing process. There are multiple factors to consider — enough to leave plenty of homeowners second guessing themselves after their new windows are installed.

This post is here to address a few of the most common mistakes people make during the building, remodeling or replacement process. Hopefully it will provide some guidance for those who may be purchasing new windows soon.

Putting quantity before quality

Windows can be expensive, and it’s easy to make the mistake of prioritizing quantity over quality. After your budget is set, consider spending the bulk of that budget on windows that are in the front of your home — ones that you will see every day as you return home. Then spend less on those windows that are in the back of the home. This may be a better option than spending the same amount on windows that you are only settling for but don’t love. HGTV offers more insight on the issue — and 24 other renovating mistakes — in this post.

Forgetting the view

You need to do more than just choose nice windows. You have to think about what’s going to come through those windows, too: the view and the light. It might seem obvious to some, but you can’t forget to think beyond your windows when you’re choosing where and how to place them. In this video, P. Allen Smith talks about using windows to frame attractive “pictures.”

Home Tips points out that where your windows are placed and what type they are have a significant effect on the amount of light and ventilation they provide. For example, a south-facing window lets in the most light. A north-facing window, on the other hand, provides softer, diffused light. East- and west-facing windows can be too intense because of the low angle of the sun in the morning and late afternoon.

Mixing styles

As much as you might like a particular window, it might just not go well with your home’s style. The first consideration with style is the age of your home. ArtSpace2000 writes that older houses tend to have very old types of windows that are made of wooden sashes and hardware that is no longer made. If you wish to keep the antique style intact, you’ll probably want to find wood replacement windows even though vinyl replacements are easier to maintain and more common today. Remember to think about your home first; choosing contemporary styles might not be best for your home.

Now, budget, placement and style are only three broad areas where mistakes can be made. There still are many other factors that could be touched on more in depth such as energy efficiency, maintenance, security, durability, making measurements, window accessories, etc. We’d like to bring you, the reader into the discussion: Did you make a mistake when you have chosen windows for your home? If so, please share so that others can learn from them.