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There's a room there?! Hidden rooms add a cool factor

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Secret places in a home are the sort of things you see in movies, like a bookshelf that turns into a door to a hidden room when a book is pulled out. But these rooms do exist in real-life houses, as this slideshow from MSN Real Estate proves. Why would you want a secret room? Well, for security, for a bit of extra room squeezed in and of course, just for fun! Here are a few of our favorites. Let us know what you think, and check out the rest here.

It’s the classic pull-out-a-book-and-a-secret-room-is-revealed move!

This Arizona home has a secret room hidden by a staircase. To move the staircase, the homeowners use a remote control to lift it.

To get to this child’s secret room through a crawlspace hidden by a dresser, one of the clock’s hands is turned to 12:00.

Images courtesy of MSN Real Estate