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The Versatile Beauty of Pavers


This beautiful home on Lake Minnetonka in the Twin Cities area gives a glimpse of the versatility that stone and brick pavers can bring to your landscape design. Pavers are often perceived as a do-it-yourself item, but as this home by top builder John Kraemer and Sons demonstrates, they’ve been fully adopted by the best custom homebuilders.

The choices are virtually endless. You can go with a smaller brick, as seen here, or large flagstones. You can put a smooth finish on the stones or leave them rough. You can keep the flora tightly trimmed or let it grow up between the stones for a natural margin. And, of course, the possible patterns are completely customizable.

Pavers are a great way to differentiate outdoor space, allowing you to create welcoming “rooms” that increase your effective living area. And in our view, they’re very economical, especially when you consider their dramatic and transformative effects on your landscaping.

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Photo courtesy of Houzz.