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The Truth About Coastal Building


“The first eternal truth about coastal living is that building on the coast is a special animal,” says Michael McKinley, a Stonington, Conn., architect known for his magnificent coastal homes. “It’s a specialization in terms of site planning, material selection, all the things that have to work together flawlessly in a demanding environment.”

Wind, sun, salt and moisture are the harshest set of weather variables a home can face. Not only that, coastal climates place special demands on energy efficiency. In the extreme conditions of a coastline, you want your home to maintain a comfortable, predictable environment. And you want your windows to open up as much of the beauty of the coast as possible.

“Clients want larger expanses of glass,” McKinley says. “There are some clients who we’ve given a water view from every room in the house, even closets. You can’t give enough water views. Nobody ever comes back and says, ‘I wish we’d taken a few windows out.’ ”

Marvin windows and doors perform beautifully in coastal zones — and they do it while looking beautiful. You don’t have to sacrifice your design vision to achieve superior performance. Marvin offers more windows certified as “Most Efficient” by the federal ENERGY STAR program than any other wood-window manufacturer.