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The Philhofer hunting lodge: Recapturing 1930s-era rustic charm with made-to-order Marvin Windows


Built in 1930 as an exclusive hunting lodge, the building was converted to a single family residence in the 1950s. In 1991, new owners began an extensive renovation of the home. More than 40 years of paint, plasterboard and paneling had all but hidden the original elegance of this exclusive hunting lodge.

Because the project called for custom windows and doors that would match the home’s original elegant character, architect Katherine Cartrett selected Marvin. Eight Marvin sliding French doors were used to create an over-sized wall opening. The home’s 46 aging windows were restored with a combination of new windows and replacement sash that look identical to the originals.

Marvin designers were there every step of the way to ensure that the windows and doors were created exactly to the homeowner’s specifications.