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The Mighty Manufacturing Sector

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When George Marvin established Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company back in 1912, it’s unlikely anyone could’ve predicted the impact that American manufacturers like his Warroad company – which became Marvin Windows and Doors in the early 1950s – would have on the U.S. economy.

Through much of the last 100 years, manufacturing has served as the United States’ steady economic engine. Through the rise in American-made products and expanded job opportunities outside the realm of farming, the manufacturing industry has helped the nation excel into the economic power it is today.

Beyond producing physical goods, manufacturing supports millions of U.S. jobs, also contributes to employment in other sectors. In fact, according to the Manufacturing Institute, more than one in seven U.S. private sector jobs depend on the U.S. manufacturing base. In order to provide this support, the world of manufacturing requires an eclectic mix of workers. Within the industry, an estimated 51 percent of the workforce is involved in production activities. The other, non-production half is made up of office administrative, transportation and material-moving, architecture and engineering, management and installation, maintenance and repair personnel.

A century after George Marvin started laying the groundwork for our company, Marvin Windows and Doors is one of the largest manufacturers of made-to-order wood window and door products in the U.S., and furthermore, the world. Marvin has remained committed to American manufacturing and our American workforce. In fact, during the recent economic downturn, we opted to forgo profits in favor of a vow to avoid layoffs — a move that even garnered praise from President Obama.

Marvin Windows and Doors is proud to be among the companies contributing to the United States’ ever-growing manufacturing output and job creation – a feat that wouldn’t be possible without the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of each and every one of our employees and our tradition of quality and excellence.

If you want to learn more about manufacturing at Marvin, check out this video. Additional information about career opportunities within all of Marvin’s departments – architectural, customer service, sales, human resources, informational systems, production and assembly, marketing, transportation, etc. – can be found here.

To read additional information about U.S. manufacturing, check out “Facts About Manufacturing” from the Manufacturing Institute.