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Marvin pulp wood

The Man Who Started it All

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The Marvin Companies have a century-long heritage of service, craftsmanship and quality with a focus on all-out performance – ideals that originated with George G. Marvin, and have continued through the endeavors of his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and generations of employees. On today’s MLuxe we highlight some of the key events from the career of George G. Marvin – the man who started it all.

1904 – George arrived in Warroad at the age of 22 to manage the elevator, lumberyard and coal yard owned by the Canadian Elevator Company.

1907 – Percy Roberts and George Marvin establishes Roberts & Marvin Lumber Co. In 1909, they signed their first big pulp contract with Backus & Brooks of International Falls, Minnesota. George continued to do work with them every year for the rest of his life.

1908 – The Canadian Elevator Company dismantled and shipped the elevator from Warroad to Canada. Roberts & Marvin Lumber Company purchased the remaining business.

1912 –Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company is established.

Lumber and Cedar Co

1917 – George married Almina Gibson on August 26. The couple took a cruise on the Great Lakes to Niagara Falls.

Almina Gibson

1920 – The Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company was incorporated just eight years after it was formed. George was president and his brother, William C. Marvin, was vice president.

1938 – George with three silent partners secured a timber berth of the biggest tract of white cedar in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Manitoba.

1961 – Fire destroys the Marvin plant, machinery and warehouse full of finished products. Committed to the community, George announced, “The company will rebuild in Warroad.” Less than a year later, Marvin’s new 90,000 sq ft factory opened for production.

Marvin Fire

1966 – George and his wife, Almina Marvin, celebrate 50 years of marriage.

1969 – At the age of 87, George is honored for 65 years of service to the Warroad community.

George Marvin

George Marvin set an example of hard work, ingenuity and integrity. He laid the perfect foundation for his oldest son, William S. “Bill” Marvin, to carry on his legacy and provide the visionary leadership that would transform Marvin into a world leader in window and door manufacturing.

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