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The do-anything lunchbox

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Almost everyone wants to eat healthier (we’d venture a guess that it’s among the top 10 News Year’s resolutions). But let’s face it–it can be hard. Despite good intentions, getting a fast food lunch or a snack from the vending machine is sometimes just the easiest thing.

Luckily, good design comes to the rescue (of our waistlines!) yet again. Sabine Staggl designed a modern “lunchbox” that not only carries food, but also tools, in the form of a plate, cutting board and bowl. And the box’s carries can be turned in to a tablecloth.

Very cool idea! It’s perfect not only for things like picnics, but for eating healthier at the office–no more excuses about not being able to prepare your salad in the breakroom.

What do you think of this modern lunchbox/food carrier?

Images courtesy of MocoLoco.