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The Colors of Summer


Turquoise, tangerine, cornflower blue: pick one of these for a summertime hue.

Or all of them. The beachy vibe of these colors is resonating with designers and shoppers looking to add relaxed life to their surroundings for these precious months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Just check out the first few photos in this slideshow at The colors are mostly cool, sometimes warm, but always alive. Coastal Living magazine has declared “Seaglass” as the Color of the Year and suggested 16 ways to use it in decorating.

Don’t be afraid to choose your own favorite summer colors and use them in decorating and entertaining. Follow this easy rule of thumb from Paulo Kos, director of furniture design for West Elm: “Summer colors can fluctuate from year to year, but they’re usually fresh, bright, and exude the energy of the season.”

Photo of Seaglass decor theme courtesy of Coastal Living.