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The Colors of Downton Abbey


A few years ago, Mad Men parties were all the rage (actually, they still are, with the new season starting next week). But the latest retro TV addiction goes even further back in time and fashion: Downton Abbey, the British import depicting the lives of an aristocratic family and its servants, set against the backdrop of early 20th Century social upheaval.

Now our friends at Charles & Hudson have uncovered a very cool idea: a palette of 15 interior colors selected by Kelly-Moore Paints and designer Mary Lawlor to match the luxe interiors of Downton Abbey.

With color choices like Cupid, Summer Sandcastle and Oxford Brick, you can give your own home some of that upper-crust Brit attitude. But a friendly warning: no matter what paint you use, your home won’t look like the Crawley mansion (above).

Photo courtesy of Jane Austen’s World.