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coastal lighthouse

The Best Window Solutions for Coastal Climates


It’s impossible to get any more “coastal” than the headquarters building of the Ocean Alliance. The group’s newly renovated home, in a former paint factory, stands on the Atlantic shore in Gloucester, Mass.

Builder Geoffrey Richon of the Geoffrey H. Richon Co., who led the renovations, summed up the approach this way: “When you’re installing windows, you ought to think like a raindrop. But when you’re working near the coast, you ought to think like a horizontal raindrop.”

Marvin is proud to have created the windows for the Ocean Alliance’s home. With their rugged extruded aluminum cladding, and an AAMA-certified finish, they’ll stand up to the most severe weather the coast can dish out — and look beautiful doing it.

Check out this video describing the challenges faced by the Alliance and its builder as they planned the renovation of this dramatic and historic structure. And learn more about Marvin’s coastal solutions here.