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The American Brewery

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The American Brewery in East Baltimore not only represents a beautiful historical renovation, but also urban revitalization.

Originally erected in 1887 by brewer John Frederick Wiessner, the abandoned landmark American Brewery building with ornate windows and unique architecture reopened in 2009 as company headquarters for the Maryland human services non?profit Humanim.

An integral part of the building’s appeal lay in its windows. Original openings included salvageable oversized double?hung windows, deteriorated sash in intact framing, and openings that needed complete replacement units. Many openings had been bricked in or plywooded over. Meticulous research went into making sure that replacement windows would be as close to the originals as possible, using two remaining partial windows as reference for muntin sizing and design. All new units were made with energy efficient insulating glass and extruded aluminum cladding to recreate the original wood exteriors. The American Brewery Building, on the National Register of Historic Places, was honored as the 2009 Public Building of the Year by the Maryland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Marvin provided the unique windows for the American Brewery, with over 20 different shapes of Magnum Double Hungs and Round Tops needed.

The final product brings this building back to its former glory and sets its neighborhood on the path to revitalization and hope.