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Thanksgiving 2013 survival tips: Etiquette, recipes, and how to carve a turkey

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Modern Etiquette: Tips for a Drama-Free Thanksgiving
“From ways to be a great guest to tips for the host, I’ve rounded up ideas that will help everyone enjoy the holiday without arguing over old family issues or who gets the last roll. Here’s to everyone having a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving this year.”

Thanksgiving Recipe Search Trends Revealed
“What recipes are people searching for at Thanksgiving? If you’re thinking “turkey and gravy,” you’re in for a surprise.”

5 Breakfast Recipes Made with Thanksgiving Leftovers
The Kitchn
“While eating all that ridiculously good food for Thanksgiving, it’s unlikely that you’re thinking about breakfast for the following day. If, however, you have a house full of guests, and you don’t feel like grazing or just making sandwiches, these five recipes utilize leftovers in simple, smart ways.”

How to Carve a Turkey
New York Times
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