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Support green New Year's resolutions with these environmentally-friendly gadget gifts


Dyson Hot Space Heater

Just a few short weeks from now, the boldest among us will create a list of resolutions for 2012. The usual suspects include losing weight, quitting smoking and getting more sleep.

Each year, it seems more people are pledging to live more environmentally friendly in the coming year. Some resolve to quit using plastic grocery bags while others plan to ride bike to work when the weather allows. Small, microcosmic changes that add up.

We think greener living is totally admirable, and so do the good folks at Inhabitat, who have compiled a list of 10 green gadgets you can give this Christmas to help encourage a family member or a friend. Some of our favorite gifts include:

BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 4
We don’t advocate talking on a smartphone while riding a bicycle, but this handy mount allows riders to track GPS location, mileage, speed and distance. When the conditions are appropriate, you can plug in your earbuds for motivation music or easy podcast-listening.

Dyson Hot Space Heater
According to Inhabitat, “The Dyson Hot is more powerful than traditional space heaters, more efficient than central heating systems, and it constantly monitors the temperature of a room, shutting off when the desired temperature has been reached.” It’s also a lot more attractive than traditional space heater, as you would expect from any Dyson product.

Quirky Ray Solar-Powered Suction Charger
Between our smartphones, tablets and laptops, it’s a wonder we don’t collapse the grid with all of our gadget charging. As the name states, this solar charger is definitely quirky. The concept is simple: Stick the QuirkyRay to a car window or windshield, even an airplane window, and like that, you’ve got energy to power a device. This is a great gift for those who travel a lot.

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include living greener? If so, what steps are you planning on taking?